Sisterhood, art piece by Jade Thompson

Jade Thompson is a queer, nonbinary artist from Akwesasne and Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Their hand-printed linocut prints, paintings, and pyrography focus primarily in portraiture and semi-abstraction.

Thompson, a St. Lawrence College graduate (2016), has taken part in art-related community events such as Cornwall Art Walk, Art Battle (Brockville, Kingston, Cornwall), The EO Garlic Festival, and Apples & Art (Cornwall, Kawenoke/Cornwall Island).

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Re: Commissions

Do you have a favourite photo of your family members, pets, or a scenic view?

Do you want it recreated with artistic flair in graphite pencil, pen, charcoal, or paints- oil, acrylic, gouache, or watercolour? ​ Contact Jade ( with your image, preferred size, and preferred medium to get started!​

  • Order ahead! Some requests may take 2+ months to complete (based on size and medium; oils typically take much longer to dry and large paintings are naturally more time consuming).
  • Shop local! I avoid using postal services whenever possible to avoid damaging art.