Hi! I'm a programmer who enjoys using Python and JavaScript to make websites. I taught myself how to code because I wanted to make video games; now I read documentation for fun. Code for this website is on GitHub. Below are some examples of software I've made recently…


A remake of the classic game Jezzball with touchscreen controls. Tap the button to swap the direction you place walls!

↻ Swap Direction

Play Full-Size Version

Tabletop Story

This webapp helps you play Dungeons & Dragons. Make an account, make characters, and write a story

Python Audio Visualizer

A cross-platform desktop app for generating videos with visualizations based on an input audio file. Useful for podcasters.


A simple Breakout clone playable in your web browser on any device.

Batch File Adventure Game as a webapp

This Flask application interprets the original batch files I wrote in 2008!