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Unbaked homemade bagels on parchment paper on a pink baking wrap, sprinkled with light sesame seeds
Baked homemade bagels on a cooling rack

It's homemade bagel day! 🥳 These are made with active dry yeast and all purpose flour, boiled in baking soda, and topped with sesame seeds.

I want to make a webgame that uses the arcade tokens, or perhaps uses the prizes you purchase. Or both.

One idea is: maybe the prizes you buy are actually seeds, and there's a Farmer's Market game where the seeds can sprout and be sold for more tokens, or kept as a different sort of prize. Plants can have a smiley face on them. Or maybe a different face if you don't tend to them properly?

So you would buy, e.g., wheat seeds on the website, plant them in the game, and you can either sell the wheat for more tokens or keep wheat as a decorative prize... Maybe if you collect enough ingredients you could craft a muffin 😛

I kind of like this idea, but I would have to plan a lot, and make vector art for a bunch of plants which might take forever. I'll do some experimenting with it.

Inventing original game ideas is tough! That's why so many of my games are remakes. Maybe I need to improve my game engine more, so prototyping new ideas is easier. Or use a different engine such as PixiJS. I tried Phaser before and didn't like it, but the Pixi documentation looks better.

I put a live demo online for another instance of Muffin Shop; this is Jade Thompson's art portfolio website:

She's choosing a domain name for it and I'm still improving the design, which is why it's a demo for now. But it's a big improvement over her existing site which wasn't mobile friendly.

Her previous site did allow her to manage the content herself so I spent yesterday adding a lot of functions to the admin panel and making some UIs look better. She's now able to log in and manage the gallery and blog herself. She can also edit markdown from the admin panel. (Many pages in Muffin Shop use markdown for the content, such as the about page.)

The "ignore" option in my module system came in handy when I realized I could use it to disable registration without altering any code 😄

The previous blog post made me discover a bug (page 2 was displayed but didn't have any posts), so after fixing the bug I created a bunch of test data for testing the blog pages from 0-14. Hopefully this means the page-ranges glitch is fixed forever!

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