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I assume removing the character limit from posts in Mastodon is similar to removing the character limit from bios? I did that before and it was two files (the model and the view) but the status model doesn't have "500" in the code so it must be elsewhere. Does the glitch-soc fork have configurable limits?

Yes it does. I saw the status model uses a StatusLengthValidator and this is modified in glitch-soc to use an environment variable.

Long posts coming soon! 📝

A loaf of freshly baked bread on a cooling rack
Microgreens sprouting in a blue mushroom container with some dirt

I baked bread yesterday, and the broccoli microgreens are sprouting on my windowsill. I'll have to bake another loaf soon when the greens are ready for sandwich time. 🌱+🍞=🥳

I added a blog and a bio to my website! Nothing too fancy but there's always space to improve it later.

Every hour there's a script that checks if I have new posts on Mastodon. If they've got the right hashtags, the script puts them on along with the attached images and a link back to the original.

If the original post is not publicly visible, there's no link. This way I can post on my blog by DMing myself, as I did with the first two posts.

I wanted to parse my Mastodon statuses for markdown but it doesn't easily work for links because they get mangled into some HTML that truncates them. It's fixable, but I'll have to actually process the content of the message to fix stuff like that.

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